Millionaires are increasing in the Tampa Bay area. Last year millionaires grew by an average of 4.2% in the US, but an astounding 7.4% in Tampa Bay (based on data from market researchers at Claritas)! Tampa is projected to be a top 5 growth market among US cities over the next 5 years. This brings the need for Tampa luxury real estate experts to help those millionaires buy and sell high end homes. Luxury homes usually need to be handled buy a specialist due to their sensitive and demanding nature. For the few Tampa luxury Realtors who have carved out this niche, the job is hard but worth it especially in this buyer’s market.

Luxury home sellers normally expect marketing to increase when the going gets tough in order to help find that particular buyer, but many agents in this rough market have cut back their spending due to losing tens of thousands of dollars on marketing exclusive luxury homes for sale and never getting paid when the listing expires. One way the luxury specialist has circumvented this problem is to bring in joint advertising with the seller. With the homeowner funding a portion of the advertising expense, the agent is then able to regain focus on marketing to a specific group of potential buyers without taking the huge risk of losing big. 

Luxury home buyers on the other hand have it great! They have their pick of properties and get amazing deals, that with the right agent, on homes which will never even see the public market. For more information on purchasing or selling Tampa luxury real estate, check out the following link: